Leadership Development Workshop

This 7-week seminar covers the entire gamut of things you must know and do to create the presence an effective leader must display, day after day, month after month, year after year. You’ll discover how to establish yourself as a recognized leader, maximize your influence, and raise your personal visibility/credibility so that you get greater productivity… more easily and more often.


7 MAIN REASONS this program will boost your success…

  1. Set and Achieve Goals: Explore principles for success that, promote focus, provide mechanisms that enable feedback, increase your free time by being able to say no, achieving greater balance that leads to a happier life, and influencing your attitude, the key to success.
  2. Increase Self-Awareness: Resolve to gain a keen awareness of your strengths and limitations, become tactically & technically proficient, i.e., enlist azimuth checks, or course corrections to expedite the self-development process, and become the person who sets the example for others.
  3. Understand How to Influence Others: Become a student of people and their behaviors, understanding human needs & motivation and learning how to respond so that you increase your ability to influence.
  4. Lead more effectively: Apply the lessons learned about self-improvement and begin to build trust and confidence in others, demonstrate through your leadership style the concern you have for others and discover the win-win relationship you always wanted.
  5. Develop individual members into a cohesive team: Discover how to effectively empower to motivate others, develop individual abilities via informal conversations, discover when and how to apply situational leadership effectively, integrate strengths/weaknesses of others to build an effective team, and discover how to challenge and inspire those who are not pulling their weight.
  6. Communicate a consistent message of achievement:  Realize the importance of upholding the corporate values and establish a culture that provides purpose, direction and meaning for employees who operate in and an open, learning environment.
  7. Rinse and Repeat: Recognize the cycle of continuous, personal learning and convey the principle among your team that those who continue to seek self-improvement will be the most effective and productive, personally and professionally.