Teamwork in the workplace means it is everyone’s job to make and improve the team.

There is a false perception that leadership always comes from the top, but you can find leadership anywhere on a team. While ideal if those in management positions always exhibited the greatest leadership traits, the reality is sometimes otherwise.

Leadership is about the ability to influence, therefore, informal leadership occurs when any member persuades others to do great things. Whether formal or informal, leadership from any direction contributes and improves your teamwork in the workplace.


Management Roles

Perhaps the greatest challenge for management is to establish a vision and give the team the opportunity to contribute to defining corporate values.

When management provides direction and establishes common ground for everyone, it:
provides the basis for communication and understanding creates a teamwork environment
enables leadership to be more effective.

Instilling concepts of leadership, teamwork and communication allows everyone to remain flexible and adapt during changing circumstances.

Leaders who create this type of environment develop teams by encouraging others and enabling their staff to exercise initiative.


Team Roles

Everyone must share in the overall success.

Leadership can be found anywhere on a team but depends on an individual’s willingness to act and accept responsibility for their actions.

Formal leadership sets the tone, but those willing to take the initiative and step outside their job description will emerge as informal leaders.

A couple of quick responsibility quotes to stimulate further thought:

“”I must do something” always solves more problems than “something must be done.”
~Author Unknown

“When you blame others, you give up your power to change.”
~Author Unknown

Developing Leadership Skills

Create an environment of engaged employees by communicating your values, and read more about teamwork, team building skills, team building exercises, and being a team leader.

Tom Crea

Tom Crea is an author, leadership speaker, and leadership development coach who travels from Pittsburgh, PA.  Tom's passion is sharing lessons learned in how learning to delegate made his life easier.